School and extracurricular activities provide fun, engaging ways for Minnehaha students to be involved in their school and with their classmates. Take a look at the activities offered. You might find the perfect fit for your child. And don’t forget to check back for updates!


Fifth-grade students have the opportunity to participate in band/choir or orchestra twice per week. Students are transported by school bus to one of three middle schools for these classes in the morning, before the elementary day begins, then are brought back to their elementary school in time for the beginning of the elementary school day. Students may receive financial assistance with instrument rentals.

Check with the office for registration forms at the beginning of the school year.

Dance, visual and performing arts

This year we will have an Extended Day Visual Arts and Creative Movement program. Minnehaha’s very own Mrs. Belokonny and Mrs. Swarts will be mentoring a group of third through fifth graders as they collaborate and design a joint performance, which they will then have the opportunity to perform for family and friends.

Applications and program information will be coming home soon, space is limited so attendance and behavior will be determining factors in application acceptance.

Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club offers after-school and summer programs for school-age students. The Clinton & Gloria John Clubhouse is located at 409 NE Anderson Rd., Vancouver, WA.

Safety patrol

Minnehaha fifth-graders have an opportunity to show their responsibility and leadership as a member of the school safety patrol. Working with adults, the safety patrol helps students and parents safely cross nearby streets before and after school. Interested students may apply in the office.


Athletics are a fun way for students to learn sportsmanship and get exercise. Girls and boys in fourth and fifth grades can participate in volleyball, basketball and track at Minnehaha.


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